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Iran Nameh

A Journal of Iranian Studies

 Iran Nameh is the Foundation's quarterly journal of Iranian studies now in its 28th year of publication. Articles are in Persian, with summaries in English. the journal was originally launched to help keep Iran's cultural traditions alive. It predominantly features articles on contemporary Iranian issues in special issues edited by guest scholars while also providing a forum for original research on Iran's history as well as literary and artistic heritage.

Today, Iran Nameh remains one of the most respected and acknowledged publications of its kind both inside and outside of Iran. It has a circulation of 1000, over half of which are through subscriptions by both individuals and institutions in the United States, Canada, Western Europe Russia, CIS, East Asia, South Asia, Australia, North Africa and Iran. The journal is also available at various bookstores around the world. In Iran, a complete set of its back issues was placed with a local publisher in Tehran and has been printed and distributed. Special issues in volumes XII through XXV of the journal, as well as abstracts of all articles from volume XIII through XXV may now be accessed on this site. Past volumes currently inaccessible and future volumes will also be uploaded upon their availability for web publication.

Beginning with the year 2011 and volume XXVI, Iran Nameh has been placed in FIS-Canada, under the editorship of Professor Mohamad Tavakoli Targhi of the University of Toronto, and assumed a new, modernized format.

To visit Iran Iran Nameh click http://irannameh.org/index.php/journal/index

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Searching Iran Nameh

The last issue of each volume contains a cumulative index of the authors and articles that have appeared in that volume. the last issue of the tenth and twentieth volumes contains a cumulative index of all past volumes. Authors, title, or subject area in both English and Persian may be found on the web. Searches in English lead to abstracts whilst searches in Persian lead to the whole issue(s) or appropriate articles in the issue(s). To begin the search, write author's name, article's title, or the subject in the search area at the top right of any page. Within the article, click edit and then click find to go to the name of subject sought. 

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