Board of Trustees

We are grateful to the late Highness Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, whose generosity and foresight in providing the Foundation with an original endowment helped launch our service to the students and scholars of Iranian Studies as well as the Iranian communities across the world.

Our members include

  • Mahnaz Afkhami Executive Director: Chair, English Department, National University of Iran (1968-1970); Secretary General, Women’s Organization of Iran (1970-1978); Minister of State for Women’s Affairs (1976-1978)
  • Azar Nafisi Writer, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
  • Ahmad Ghoreishi Chancellor, National University of Iran (1975-1978)
  • Vali Nasr Professor and Dean, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS); Adjunct Senior Fellow at Council on Foreign Relations 
  • Gholam Reza Afkhami Professor, National University of Iran (1967-1979); Secretary General, National Committee for World Literacy Program (1975-1979)                         
 In Memory of our colleagues Dr. Abdol Hossein Samii, Amin Alimard, Shahrokh Meskoob and Hormoz Hekmat
In the years 2000 and 2003 the Foundation for Iranian Studies lost two beloved and pivotal members of its board, Abdol Hossein Samii and Amin Alimard, respectively. Abdol Hossein and Amin were instrumental in shaping the Foundation's vision, structure, and programs from the outset. They provided wise counsel and continuous support through the formative years of the Foundation's life and thereafter.
In 2005 Shahrokh Meskoob's and 2020 Hormoz Hekmat's passing deprived Iran Nameh of two of its most valuable and visionary editors. Their many years of scholarly and editorial contributions to the journal will forever remain a source of pride and inspiration for us all. We will treasure their memory, celebrate their achievements, and remember them for their contribution to our shared goals.