Parham, Baqer

Oral History Interview

Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr
Bethesda, Maryland
November 28, 1990
Interviewee Details
Academician and Writer; Political Dissident and Founding Member of the Writers Association of Iran.
Education and family background; recollection of the political scene in Rasht in the 1950s; on the impact of the events of 1953 in Rasht; activities of the Iran Party in Gilan; political activities, trial and imprisonment in the 1950s; experiences with the Center for Social Studies of Tehran University; on gravitating towards Marxism; recollections of Amir Parviz Puyan and other leaders of the Fada'iyan; on his political activism and problems encountered with the authorities; recollections of a meeting with Parviz Sabeti; on the political climate reigning in Iranian university campuses in the 1970s; nature and structure of thought and world view of the Iranian intelligentsia in the 1970s; on the establishment and activities of the Writers Association of Iran; recollections of the arrangements made for the "Ten Nights" program at the Goethe Institute organized by the Association; political importance and accomplishments of the Association; internal conflicts in the Association and their ramifications; on the radicalization of the Association's politics in the 1978-79 and the Writers Association's eventual demise after the revolution.

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