2017 best Ph.D. dissertation award was announced 11/15



FIS 2017 best Ph.D. dissertation award winner was announced November 15, 2017

Dissertations accepted and placed in competition were received from the following instituitions:

Faculty of Letters University of Porto/School of English University of Kent, the Erasmus Mundus PhD programme, ‘TEEME; Harvard University; Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran; University of Cambridge; University of Chicago; Stanford University; and two dissertations from Yale University.  





Read: First OPEC Secretary General Fuad Rouhani Diaries on FIS Website

The Diaries of Fuad Rouhani

First Secretary General

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries


 Edited, Researched, and Prefaced By

Gholamreza Tadjbakhsh and Farrokh Najmabadi


The Fuad Rouhani Diaries is a meticulous record of Rouhani’s daily

activities and experiences as the first secretary general of OPEC (1961-

1964). Converging Rouhani’s notes with the oil company records and the

British, US, and French government archives, Editors Gholamreza

Tadjbakhsh and Farrokh Najmabadi have brilliantly contexualized the

diaries by prefacing the volume with a comprehensive account of the