From Journalism to Politics

About a hundred years ago, the Iranian society was introduced to a new medium which soon supplanted and nearly replaced pulpit and poetry as the means of shaping and influencing public opinion. In the short-lived Iranian Age of Enlightenment (1890's-1920's) a new breed of intellectuals combined political activity with journalistic vocation and became the Iranian counterparts of the illustrious French philosophes of the 18th century. As journalist-political activist-intellectual, these leaders of the Iranian Constitutional Movement set a powerful precedent.

A Short History of the Iranian Soccer

Football (soccer) was introduced to Iran in the first decade of the twentieth century by British residents of the country including diplomats, employees of the oil industry, officers of the South Persia Rifles and by Christian missionaries who included it in their schools' physical education curriculum. During the reign of Reza Shah, the government encouraged football and other team sports, believing that their popularization would favor the emergence of a spirit of cooperation among Iranians.

The Exile of the Female Nightingale from the "Land of the Rose and the Nightingale"

Iran Possesses 490 different species of birds. Out of this rich and diverse bird fauna, it is only the male nightingale that has become a powerful metaphor not only for Persian poets but also for the country itself. Iran is known as the “Land of the Rose and the Nightingale.”

The Rainbow World of Simin Behbahani

Acknowledging the importance of speaking, of witnessing, of claiming an independent voice and vision, Simin Behbahani is now at the height of her powers and popularity. For well over half a century, Behbahani has been the voice of freedom and moderation rising against repression and discrimination in Iran. Although she has avoided involvement in party politics, from the beginning of her career this pioneering poet has condemned any form of violence. Concern for social justice has been the strongest drive in her poetry.

Classical Persian Music Archives

The quintessential manifestations of classical Persian music, dating back to several millennia, have only recently been arranged in musical notations or radifs devised by Iran’s modern composers and performers. Unlike western musical compositions which are the creations of distinct individual composers, Persian radifs(the repertory of Peraian art music)are the cumulative musical legacy of a succession of composers and performers and are rooted in Iran’s rural and urban musical traditions.