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The Diaries of Fuad Rouhani

First Secretary General

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries


 Edited, Researched, and Prefaced By

Gholamreza Tadjbakhsh and Farrokh Najmabadi


The Fuad Rouhani Diaries is a meticulous record of Rouhani’s daily

activities and experiences as the first secretary general of OPEC (1961-

1964). Converging Rouhani’s notes with the oil company records and the

British, US, and French government archives, Editors Gholamreza

Tadjbakhsh and Farrokh Najmabadi have brilliantly contexualized the

diaries by prefacing the volume with a comprehensive account of the

strategies and tactics employed by the OPEC member countries, on one

hand, and the oil companies and their supporting governments, on the

other. The result is an enticing and informative study of petro-politics at

the dawn of OPEC

A Series in Economic and Social Development


Series Editor: Gholam Reza Afkhami

Foundation for Iranian Studies